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Our mission at Local Tree is to work to encourage the health and well-being of trees, educate our community about proper tree practices, and promote the health of our urban forest one tree at a time. If you are also passionate about trees or have any questions or comments, let your tree care experts in the San Francisco Bay Area know!

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“Whenever you interact with us, we promise to be honest & accountable in every situation.”
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Services We Offer

We provide arborist consultation and tree care services in the San Francisco Bay Area. Whether you need a tree removal service, want to plant new trees, or need help maintaining your yard, we are certified arborists and tree care experts with the skills and knowledge to help you achieve your goals. We look forward to building lasting relationships with our clients and guaranteeing their complete satisfaction!

Tree Care

An investment in trees benefits both the environment and the value of your home. Proper care is important if you want your trees to be healthy for a long time. Call us and let’s talk about your trees.

Arborist Consultation

We are certified arborists in the San Francisco Bay Area and top experts in tree health. Our team of professionals has the qualifications and training to help you achieve your goals.

Tree Removal

We offer affordable tree removal services. If you have a diseased or unwanted tree on your property, trust our certified tree care professionals to provide a safe and experienced service to remove it.

Photo Gallery

Take a look at our previous work for our tree care services in the San Francisco Bay Area and read what our clients say about their experience working with us. If you like our work, please get in touch and let your local arborist help keep your trees healthy and beautiful throughout the year.

What Our Customers Are Saying About Us?

Michelle A.
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"Shaping trees and plants for style and function is an art and a science – through the artistic skill of the pruner and the essence of a tree.They did all Perfeclty! Loved to hire them again."
Walter W.
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"If anyone is looking for a tree service company, Local Tree is your company. From start of finish, Justin and his crew were fast, nice and easy to work with. I was able to get a quote within a couple of days of contacting them. I couldn’t have asked it to go better. I would definitely hire them again."
Judith M.
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"Justin did a remarkable job on my large backyard magnolia, opening it up, trimming and shaping it into a real work of art. Very knowledgeable and responsive, professional and performed the work safely, leaving the place cleaner than when they arrived. Highly recommend!"
Gretchen H.
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"Justin and his team were on time and careful to cover all my plants on the property while they worked and cleaned all the debris from my walkways when they were done. I would recommend them to anyone looking for a respectful company to do their tree work or landscaping."

Tree Care Services

We provide a wide range of tree care services in the San Francisco Bay Area. Whether you require tree removal, tree pruning, stump removal, or tree fertilizing, we’re the people for the job. Our tree care services are affordable, professional, and quick. We work with both residential and commercial clients.

Tree Trimming

A dead branch on a tree might have serious consequences for the whole tree. If these branches break, they will cause serious damage to your property. After ensuring the safety of everyone involved, we will cut the branch away from the tree and your property.
tree pruning using a cutting shear

Tree Pruning

Pruning removes any branches that are dead or unhealthy and maintains the tree’s health and beauty. Our top priority is finishing the work quickly and to your satisfaction. We are cautious to be on schedule and within budget when performing tree pruning services.
trees around the residential area

Tree Inspections

Trees are beautiful, yet is wise to never underestimate the potential risk trees pose to their surroundings. It is crucial to have trees checked regularly. Reach out to us and schedule a tree inspection and we will make sure your trees are healthy and beautiful.
planting a tree

Tree Planting

Our team has the experience and knowledge to achieve the best possible tree-planting results. We know which type of trees work the best in certain areas, and we will complete the task to your satisfaction. Call today and talk to our team about your specific needs.
tree stump

Stump Removal

When a tree is removed, the stump is often left on the property, but this isn’t always the best choice for the lawn. The removal of tree stumps will prevent the attraction of insects and weeds, boost the value of your property, and improve the health of nearby plants.

Reach Out To Us

Do you want your trees to stay beautiful and healthy throughout the year? If that’s the case, you’re in the right place. We are certified tree care professionals who have the knowledge and skills necessary to get the job done. Call us or fill out the form on our website and we will get in touch with you to talk about your tree care needs.
Images of Our Work

Before and After

Let's Talk About Your Tree Care Needs

Wanna Work With Our Profesional Team? Call us or fill out the form on our website and we will help you keep your trees and yard looking good and healthy throughout the entire year.

Arborist Consultation

Getting the services of a professional arborist consultant guarantees that you will get effective tree care solutions for your San Francisco Bay Area property. The professionals at Local Tree will conduct a comprehensive analysis of your tree care needs and provide ideas and solutions for the best tree care methods based on the specifics of your property. We have a team of highly experienced and trained arborist consultants that will help you improve the look of your property.

The Best Tree Removal Contractor in the San Francisco Bay Area

Call our skilled team if a diseased or falling tree is detracting from the beauty of your property or if a tree has become a risk to you and your family. We will remove it fast and effectively while causing minimal disruption to your home and surroundings. We have years of experience and you can rely on us for total tree care and to securely remove trees of any size.

Contact Our Company

We work hard to give each and every one of our customers the best possible customer experience and tree care service. We strive for 100% customer satisfaction, and our company is built on being honest and trustworthy while also providing reasonable prices and treating our clients with respect.

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