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Tree Care in San Francisco Bay Area

We provide a wide range of services for tree care in the San Francisco Bay Area. Whether you need tree removal, tree pruning, stump removal, or tree fertilizing, we’re the people for the job. Our tree care services are affordable, professional, effective, and quick. We work with both residential and commercial clients.

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About The Company

Local Tree

Our mission at Local Tree is to work to encourage the health and well-being of trees, educate our community about proper tree practices and promote the health of our urban forest one tree at a time. If you are also passionate about trees or have any questions or comments, let your tree care experts in San Francisco Bay Area know!
“Whenever you interact with us, we promise to be honest & accountable in every situation.”

Tree Care Services We Offer

We provide a wide range of services for tree care in the San Francisco Bay and surrounding areas. Our priorities are punctuality, respect, and making sure that tree trimming, tree pruning services, and other tree care needs are done properly for the first time, and we will always leave your property in excellent condition.

Tree Trimming

Proper tree trimming removes dead or dying branches that are dangerous. Using the best trimming tools and cutting them decreases the risk of injury and property damage.
tree pruning using a cutting shear

Tree Pruning

Pruning preserves a tree’s health and enhances its appearance. Tree pruning helps in the development of young trees. Pruned young trees have a strong branch structure.
planting a tree

Tree Planting

We have the experience to achieve the best possible tree-planting results. We know which type of trees work the best in the area, and we will complete the task to your satisfaction.

Photo Gallery

Take a look at our previous work for tree care services in San Francisco Bay Area and read what our clients say about their experience working with us. If you like our work, please get in touch and let us help you keep your trees healthy and beautiful throughout the year.

What Our Customers Are Saying About Us?

Michelle A.
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"Shaping trees and plants for style and function is an art and a science – through the artistic skill of the pruner and the essence of a tree.They did all Perfeclty! Loved to hire them again."
Walter W.
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"If anyone is looking for a tree service company, Local Tree is your company. From start of finish, Justin and his crew were fast, nice and easy to work with. I was able to get a quote within a couple of days of contacting them. I couldn’t have asked it to go better. I would definitely hire them again."
Judith M.
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"Justin did a remarkable job on my large backyard magnolia, opening it up, trimming and shaping it into a real work of art. Very knowledgeable and responsive, professional and performed the work safely, leaving the place cleaner than when they arrived. Highly recommend!"
Gretchen H.
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"Justin and his team were on time and careful to cover all my plants on the property while they worked and cleaned all the debris from my walkways when they were done. I would recommend them to anyone looking for a respectful company to do their tree work or landscaping."

Tree Trimming

Trees need regular trimming from a reliable tree trimming company to keep them healthy and good-looking. It is easy to become used to a tree that constantly appears to be beautiful, but there may be hidden problems. These issues can result in a poorly formed tree that is vulnerable to wind damage. Also, the disease might become an issue if it spreads to other branches of the tree.

As a result, tree branches can fall at any time and without warning, causing problems or injuries. The other reason why a tree needs to be trimmed is if its size makes it unattractive in the yard or if it is touching or blocking power lines.
pruning the tree's crown
tree trimming with pruning shear and safety gloves
Pruning trees at the right times of year is crucial to their future vitality and beauty. Let us help you, call today.

Tree Pruning

Professional pruning services from Local Tree will protect the structural stability, shape, health, and appearance of your trees. Regular trimming also decreases the chance of tree limbs falling in severe storms, protecting the people, animals, and structures on your property.

By skipping regular pruning, you would be doing serious damage to your trees. But, incorrect pruning can cause just as much harm to the stability, appearance, and health of the tree. Over-pruning or pruning a tree at the incorrect time of year can seriously harm the tree’s tissues. Excessively cutting a branch and leaves from a tree can reduce its capacity to produce food. Bad cuts might leave wounds in the tree that attract bugs and diseases. Make sure you avoid these issues by hiring our team of tree-pruning experts.

Tree Inspections

Inspections are necessary for cars, teeth, and many other things. In order to keep your trees in top shape, it’s important to schedule regular tree inspection services. Yes, trees also need inspections so that flaws can be found and fixed before they become serious. A tree inspection from a skilled professional will prevent problems in the future and keep your trees looking great.

A tree inspection involves a thorough analysis of your trees. During the inspection, we will check the structure and soil of the tree to discover the health of the bark, branches, and other tree parts. The findings of the inspection will reveal critical information about the tree, which we will share with you and, if required, recommend a plan of action.
caring for nature by planting trees
planted Cherry Blossom Tree

Tree Planting

Who does not appreciate a beautiful tree? Their presence improves our day with their height, elegance, beauty, and charm. But they’re not just here to be attractive. In a variety of ways, they are extremely crucial for the health of our world. Trees have been shown to reduce stress and increase property value, among other benefits.

When planting trees, you should always work with a professional arbor care expert. You need a team with sufficient experience and knowledge to achieve the best possible results. When you contact our professional team, it is exactly what you will get. Our crew has all the necessary knowledge about the best trees for each area and is able to do the task to your satisfaction.

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Stump Removal

Tree stump grinding and removal require heavy-duty equipment. This is due to the fact that tree stumps have roots that can spread out over a wide area below ground.

Tree Removal

If you have a diseased or unwanted tree on your property, trust our professionals to provide you with safe and experienced tree removal services. Call today!

Frequently Asked Questions

We do not have a 24-hour emergency. In case of an emergency tree issue that is not dire, we can arrange to come out the following day.
Accredited tree care companies are experts in caring for your trees, shrubs, and other greenery, which add to the value and beauty of your home. This also adds to your peace of mind when the safety of your property, bodily injury, and your surroundings are a priority. Typically, accredited tree care companies have trained and experienced staff employed who use the proper methods and technology to keep your trees in the best health.
Most definitely! Remember to think of surrounding plants, soil, region, and commitment to caring for any new trees. Also keep in mind the immediate environment of underground and overhead utility cables, sidewalks, and driveways. What is the purpose of a new tree – for shade – for privacy – for fruits or for ornamental design?
At Local Tree, we have tree experts trained to ensure proper care for the livelihood of your trees. Inexperience could cause both injuries to the tree and to oneself. We are safety-first focused and have years of dedicated tree care experience.
Local Tree recommends tree removal when a tree becomes a hazard or when it is interfering with a home structure, new construction, repair, or when no conservation plan could realistically be performed, is too big, too close, etc. When a tree becomes too expensive to maintain and/or decreases the value of the property, tree removal then becomes an option.
It depends on why and how you want your tree pruned: however dead wooding, broken branches removal, and light pruning it can be done at any time. Since all trees and situations are different we always come and give you our best advice on how to maintain your tree(s). The only important thing is to prune trees regularly, once a year, and not wait until overdue. This way the pruning can remain light and remove only a smaller portion of the canopy.
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We work hard to give each and every one of our customers the best possible customer experience and tree care service. We strive for 100% customer satisfaction, and our company is built on being honest and trustworthy while also providing reasonable prices and treating our clients with respect.

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